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Trucking Accidents In New York Explained By Personal Injury Attorney | Trucking Accident Lawsuit |

in this video I'll be explaining New York Trucking Accidents and the most common causes we see for Trucking and 18-wheeler crashes here in New York State. And please stick around till the end when Ill give you my top recommendations for what you should do if you were involved in a big rig, trucking or 18-wheeler accident in New York, Make sure to Subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell Icon to never miss an update from James Newman PC.

Exogen Gel Recall Claims Explained by Real Lawyer | Bioventus Exogen Bone Healing System Recall |

Manufacturer of EXOGEN Ultrasound Gel Pump bottles, Bioventus, has recently issued a recall of several lots of their EXOGEN Gel that have been linked to severe bone infections due to microbial contamination within the gel.There are many affected lots, so be sure to check if your product has been recalled.


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